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New website structure & design!
Started by leop2

Hello everyone ☺️

There's an all new and wonderful design for the Forum!
It will be our main Website from now on. It now looks way more organized and just better. People can make topics in the Towny and Minigames Forum!
Infractions(Bans,Kicks,Mutes and Warnings) are integrated too, those can be reached under More -> Infractions. The shop website will follow soon. Then we can finally have a design that is used everywhere and not the change in design when changing from Forum to Shop or Banlist.
The Map is also reachable via More -> Map.

Hope the change to the new shop won't take long and I hope everyone is having fun!
Have a nice time on the server and future updates will be posted here and on Discord.

Hello yet again ☺️

The shop is now fully integrated into this website!

Payment Options are still PayPal only, because PayPal is commonly used and also supports transactions via 💳 Debit-/Creditcards without having an account. Enjoy the new design and happy shopping!