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Dedicated Hosting leop29 months ago
Maintenance leop29 months ago
Happy New Year! leop29 months ago

leop2 leop23 months ago
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I just reset all resource worlds (resource world, nether and end).
Now there should be enough for everyone 🕵

I also promoted Mamunation and Killafoo to a Manager recently!
Congrats ☺️

Another update is (even tho probably everyone knows already - just like that Mamu and Killa got promoted) that I can't put much time into the server atm.
I'm working a lot right now, but I'll try to at least keep up with major plugin updates and try to hop on 1.17 as soon as possible (paper hasn't even released a 1.17 version yet so I still got some time ☺️)
I don't know if the update to 1.17 will be ...

leop2 leop29 months ago
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Hi everyone,

I am planning to switch to dedicated hosting in the future. I found a good provider that has everything the server would need:

  • DOS/DDOS-Protection to prevent attacks
  • 1Gbps Up-/Download
  • 64-128 Gb of RAM
  • 8 Cores (16 Threads) and good single core performace for good performance
  • Root-Access to modify anything I want and host Teamspeak-/MySQL-Servers
  • Fast Latency to keep the Ping low (Datacenters in Frankfurt, USA, maybe Sweden)
  • 2x 960Gb NVME-SSD (For Backups and fast Loadtimes)

Thats basically perfect for a medium-sized Minecraft server. I could even run 2 Servers without any problems on that har...

leop2 leop29 months ago
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Hi everyone,


I disabled the SpleefArena for now! The AntiCheat for some reason thinks that if people break blocks inside the arena, they are using FastBreak.

I thought that this was fixed by the new version but apparently its not.
Sorry for any Kicks because of that!

leop2 leop29 months ago
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Welcome to the forum everyone! (2 people) ;D

Now that I set up the forum I can wish all of you a Happy New Year and much fun on the server in the next year. Ill add more features to the forum in the future and keep the server running until I can't afford it or my PC blows up ☺️

Thanks for all the packages you guys have bought! Ill add EULA compliant packages in a few days with Boosters for Jobs (Money and Exp), McMMO and Minecraft (Exp) and finally set up the quests I wanted to do since I started the server. 

Ill maybe also run the server over a proxy in the future so I can prevent DDOS attacks with cloudflare, just need to figur...