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Player referrals
Started by leop2

Hello everyone ☺️

From now on, there is a referral system
Per person you invite to the Discord that plays for at least 1 hour on the minecraft server, you get $2 credit in the store. Alts don't count and every referral has to be posted in the #referrals channel! Just @(account you referred to discord) and write their playername after that! For example @leop2#4888 - leop2.
For now, theres a maximum of 15 referrals per person, I might raise that if the system is successfull tho!
For the first 3 referrals you'll get $5 each instead of $2 🤑
That will also get some more people on the server to have a bigger and better community everyone can enjoy 😃

This is a great idea! Hopefully I can earn some bucks!